How much does filing bankruptcy in New York cost?

12/21/2009 14:39

Thousands of people in Manhattan each year are filing bankruptcy. If you find that you have gotten into debt that has overwhelmed you, whether that’s because of medical bills, losing your job, a divorce etc.  filing for bankruptcy may be the option you need to find relief and get a fresh financial start.

The costs for filing bankruptcy fall into three parts:


  • Actual Bankruptcy Filing Costs
  • Credit Counseling Fee
  • Attorney's Fees

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Actual Filing Bankruptcy Costs


Chapter 7:

The actual court cost for filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $399.


Credit Counseling fee:
Since October 2005, bankruptcy law requires people filing bankruptcy to take financial counseling courses or to complete other due diligence items. There are some online credit counseling services available and we can help you with that. Also, you will need to pay a small fees involved with obtaining the service. Usually that doesn’t cost more then $70-$100.

We streamline the bankruptcy process by facilitating the procurement and the prepayment of your due diligence items. These items are included in the fees and costs that we charge you.


Attorney's Fees

We charge a small initial retainer, for either a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13. After the initial retainer has been paid, we will work with you to create a payment plan for the rest of the costs and fees, to be paid in small installments on a monthly basis.

The total amount depends on which chapter of bankruptcy that you file and the cost of the due diligence items that you must fulfill. A usual attorney fees for a personal bankruptcy case is $1500-$2000 on average and in some cases, depending on the difficulty of your case, can cost more. Our prices are low because we file a lot of cases and we can do things very efficiently. We pass that savings on to our clients. However, we don’t want you to hire us because of ‘price’. Instead, hire us because we promise that your case will be in safe hands, handled properly and quickly.